We have a weak spot for indulgence. Whether it's a pampering, fine chocolate or a spot of bubbly, we can't help ourselves. So it made sense combining our favorite indulgences together could only make for a heightened romp through blissdom.

The result?
Sparkling chocolate in a Bottle ® - The Beach Dreams Edition

Thinking of happiness the mind wanders to the love for chocolate and wine

Chocolate in a Bottle ® – The Beach Dreams Edition is a perfect match for the best moments in life. It’s a match made in heaven, which combines the natural flavors of cocoa and hazelnuts mixed with chardonnay grapes.

Pop the cork off a bottle of Beach Dreams and you’ll find there’s magic in your glass of sparkling wine. Chocolate in a Bottle ® has the mystical ability to heighten any moment, be it an enjoying moment with best friends or even a nervous proposal for marriage or a toast over a business victory. Every sip has the refreshing acidity to awaken the palate and nourish your soul.

Enjoy your glass of Chocolate in a bottle ® – The Beach Dreams Edition

Best served ice cold

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